How do I redeem a eGift voucher, discount or special offer?

Siobhan -

You can redeem your eGift voucher, discount or special offer in 'Your shopping bag' on our website. If you have a eGift voucher or a Promo code you can enter them in the provided fields in ‘Your shopping bag’. If there’s a special offer online and your bag qualifies for that, it will automatically display in the ‘Your shopping bag’ area before proceeding to the checkout.

Please note that if you received a eGift voucher and you’ve got an account with us, the amount will be automatically added to your credit once you insert it in the ‘My shopping bag’ area, and the amount displayed in the eGift voucher field will be zero, as it’s already been added and will be available for you to use in the Payment step of the Checkout.

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